Coins for Sale...

Contained within the following pages is my private numismatic collection of early American currency which was aggressively put together over the span of more then a decade. I can assure you that all the individual varieties are pretty scarce and some downright rare, especially in nice condition.

I have many coins to upload over the next couple of months, therefore the descriptions are brief. Please rely on the images to make your decisions and free to email me with any questions. What you're about to see is probably going to make some of you think these are common. This is not the case, in fact. The reason you're seeing so many varieties here in one place is that you're looking at a collection and not your average dealers stock. When making inquires please use the Image filename. All images are of the actual coins for sale. 

I sorted my collection within the following categories to aide collectors in finding coins of specific collecting interest. Since I have primarily Contemporary Counterfeits you may assume they all are unless otherwise specified i.e. REGAL. 

Just so there is no misunderstanding these Contemporary Counterfeits made in the eighteenth century were produced to serve as money then, not now, and are genuine to the period not modern copies to fool collectors. 

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