My Collection & Research CD For Sale

Images of My Personal Collection of 18th Century British & Irish Contemporary Counterfeits, Including the American Made Machin's Mills Issues.



In 2002 during the ANA convention I made a statement that I was in the process of documenting my collection of counterfeits, via high resolution professional digital images. At that time my collection contained both Geo. II & III 1/2d and 1/4d, British and Irish as well as the American made Machin's Mills Issues. This edition, Special Edition 5, is the first to include the Machin's Mills. The coins are all separated into folders and subfolders by major types, date and Families that we have identified on the Colonial News Letter Foundation eGroup. By no way am I suggesting this is a finished work, but we have made much progress. As you can imagine this project has been costing me money for images and to ship coins back and forth to the photographer. I would like to recoup some of my outlay and I was thinking that some people might be willing to pay something for a high quality CD to aid them in their own research or collecting endeavors.

For $45 you’ll receive a reference CD of high-resolution digital images of my reference collection of counterfeit British & Irish 1/2d &1/4d, more then
1000 specimens. Organized in folders and sub-folders by Major Type, Date and Families where appropriate. There are also folders dedicated to major errors and other cross-referencing folders. Also when you become a registered buyer I’ll try to answer any questions you may have on these series.

What you won’t get. The coins are not yet identified by formal individual variety numbers. Although individual variety numbers have been assigned to some members of the smaller Families they have not been finalized. All the coins on the CD are identified with my rudimentary inventory number, i.e. 7597CVS; this merely indicates that this specimen was the ninety-seventh 1775 I acquired. But it is a number that identifies that particular specimen and if you have questions about that one, for instance, you can refer to that number and I’ll know which coin you are referring to. There is little to no text besides this, except when pertinent information cannot be gathered from the image, i.e. rotated 90 degrees, etc.

Postage. The CD will be sent post paid to US addresses. Shipping outside of the US will be $5 and will be sent Global Priority.

Those who order the CD will receive a full credit of the $45 CD purchase price with there first order of $300 or more!





The following is a bit of an unsolicited testimonial from the author, John P. Lorenzo, in the form of a direct quote from his new book…”FORGOTTEN COINS OF THE NORTH AMERICAN COLONIES” 25TH ANNIVERSARY EDITION



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